Christian Relaunch


Stylish decoration yields beauty.

"Diacosmetic" (Greek diakosmese) might be more correct but seems unduly pedantic.

What is usually called "art" often involves both expression and decoration. Along with altruism and commitment, decoration immediately provides environment for reverence, whereas expression does so only as ancestor to intermediate realms. So decoration is at once more modest and more exalted than expression; modest in the simplicity of its modal progeny, but exalted in its proximity to the apex.

Symmetry, contrast and such familiar elements of what is traditionally called "aesthetics" obviously play a part in beauty. These elements are probably influenced by features of the human psyche that are cosmologically accidental, such as our bilaterality, but insofar as they are anthropologically universal this does not disqualify them as elements of a general cosmetics.

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