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Part 1: A Creed for Real Christianity

A: Creation

(Summary: God our maker has always wanted us to develop the world as his friends so that when he became one of us we could unite with him.)

1. Our task as humans is to develop the world's resources.

1.1. (Accordingly) Every man is king of his family.

2. We are all subject to universal natural standards.

2.1 (For instance) No man should encroach on another's family or product.

3. Our task and the natural standards are from God our maker.

4. Our proper goal is union with God through his becoming a man.

B: Defection

(Summary: We defected and lost all tendency to prepare for union with God.)

5. We humans have all become God's foes by defecting from our proper goal.

5.1. (But) Our defection has not changed our task, though it leads us to neglect it.

5.1.1. (So) "The state" can never be anything but varnished gangsterism.

C: Restoration

(Summary: God has restored the path to union by becoming one of us in Christ.)

6. God turns his foes into friends by realigning them toward our proper goal.

6.1. (So) God's friends are those who trust him.

6.2. (But) God's befriending us does not change our task, it inclines us to perform it.

6.2.1. (So) God's friends seek accord among themselves rather than with others.

7. God's path to union with his friends is to become a man earlier than planned.

7.1. (Indeed) For that purpose, God has become the man Jesus Christ.

7.2. (But) God's becoming a man does not change our task, it leads us to perform it.

Part 2: Specifics

A: Past

"Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it."

Here are the beliefs that have shaped the modern world.

The world's beliefs ("Cogniframes")

Christianoidity's errors ("Heresies")

Fragments of a History of Beliefs

B: Present

Humanity Today

English Christianoidity Today

C: Future

Ways Forward for Real Christians

Part 3: Appendices

Method of Reasoning (used by this site in supporting its creed)

Glossary (words used in this site that may need explanation)

Bibliography (books I have found helpful in developing my beliefs)

The Christian Relaunch Hymnal

Liturgical Fragments

Ontology (including theory of possible worlds)

Cosmology (theory of the actual world)

More But Not Less

Forthcoming Changes to this Site

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