Christian Relaunch

Ways Forward for Real Christians

I urge real Christians everywhere to proceed as follows.

Unite around a new creed that affirms real Christianity and explicitly rejects all known heresies.

This site's Creed for Real Christianity is a proposal for such a creed.

The Christian Relaunch Hymnal contains all the hymns currently approved by this site as expressing real Christian beliefs in a pure way.

Urge other Christianoids to indicate that they are real Christians by rejecting all known heresies.

Here are some old(ish) prophecies in which I urged Evangelicals to abandon Integrationism. I publish these merely to suggest possible appproaches, not with any suggestion that anyone should adopt these particular styles of discourse.

Elsewhere in this site, heresies are grouped under Feminism, Authoritarianism, Otherworldalism, Atheanthroposialism, Magicalism and Bonhominalism. All these remain relevant, and this site's Creed deals with them all, but the first three are the most prevalent and should be countered most urgently, so here are some comments on them.

Against Feminism, uphold Androcratism. Seek to restore fatherhood.

This involves restoring Androcracy. Appeals to be treated "equally", most obviously as regards parental rights, tacitly accept the prevailing worldview, and are always futile.

Little can be gained by appealing to women. If men take up again their burden, women will find their place, but meanwhile they will do little to help, if only because the illusion of a conflict of interests between the sexes is so compelling. Men made this mess, and men must clean it up.

A feminine element is needed even in primarily masculine projects, this generally comes best from women, and in some areas of our present society, which are indeed one-sidedly masculine, this input is lacking. But these are roles that rightly are occupied mainly by men because they embody what are and must always be masculine functions such as the organised use of force.  Increasing the proportion of women in them, for instance by quotas, would further emasculate these roles, with potentially disastrous consequences. Women should have influence but not the power they are now taught to demand. A better solution is (1) that men in such roles should informally consult women, as they always have (as Shakespeare's Macbeth reminds us), and (2) if that traditional method is now inadequate, formally to create new feminine roles, occupied by females, and structures integrating these with the existing masculine roles to facilitate consultation. (For instance, in elections each constituency might return both a male and a female representative, with distinct roles, the man elected by men and the woman by women.)

Against Authoritarianism (especially Statism), uphold Panlibertarianism. Seek freedom from gangsters.

As explained elsewhere in this site, only two positions regarding the use of force are compatible with real Christianity. Democracy, the plundering of a minority by the majority, is not one of them. They are absolute Pacifism, Kataskeuanism.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, God's instructions to ancient Israel as a society do not apply to Christians, but in one important respect the position of Christians today resembles Israel in Egypt rather than the primitive ekklesia in Rome. The gangsterism of Rome which the early Christians faced was generally relatively mild by modern standards. Men were generally free to go about their business, associate with one another, discipline their families, etc. as they saw fit without molestation, only a small proportion of their income being seized by the gangsters. Today the gangsters oppress us in almost every area of our life. So the need for security measures is urgent. We might begin with mere petition: as Moses said to Pharaoh, so must we say to the gangsters who oppress us: "Thus says Yahweh the god of Israel: Let my people go, that they may serve me." The more numerous we become, the more plausible it will become to take more practical measures. At first, probably, today's gangsters, like Pharaoh, will only smile. "Who is Yahweh that I should let Israel go?" But we know what happened to him.

Against Otherworldalism, uphold Culturalism and its corollary, Christian Separation.

Many of my proposals for a separate Christian society are sketchy for several reasons. (1) I am a slow reader and sometimes a sluggish thinker. I hope the depth of my thinking compensates for the narrowness of my learning, but it does mean that there are many areas of which I have little understanding. (2) As I launch this site I have had no collaborators. For a long time most Christianoids have been swept along on the current of Humanism, so that one like myself, seeking to promote real Christianity, has had little material to work with. I hope that this site will help change this state of affairs. (3) Most important of all to understand, it is never possible to give, in advance, anything like a blueprint for a new society. (If it has a blueprint it's not a society, it's a cult.) Such things can only emerge from the coordinated efforts of many over a period of time.

As regards immediately practical politics, there is always (in Western and similar countries) a choice: we can find among ourselves candidates to stand for election, or (especially where representation is not proportional) we can vote tactically for whichever candidate or party will do the least further damage to freedom and family. In England in recent decades this has usually, in my judgment, on balance, been the Conservative party; it is true that they have been somewhat more authoritarian than their rivals in some areas (such as substance prohibitions and police powers), but in my judgment their tendency to resist ever-increasing taxation and Epicenalism has generally outweighed that.

The European Union, as a whole, is an embryonic super-State, gangsterism on a continental (and potentially global) scale, so we were right to vote for the more local gangsters who still (just about) rule us to withdraw from it. This in itself does little to advance freedom or family, but it is a necessary step towards those advances.

"The rationale for Europe today is not peace, it's power."

Tony Blair, BBC Andrew Marr Show, 24-Jun-2012, rebutting the claim that the EU's only raison d'etre was peace in Europe and (perhaps inadvertantly) indicating its true Authoritarian tendency.

"We have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of the state in Britain only to see them re-imposed at a European level."

Margaret Thatcher, Bruges Speech, September 1988, protesting against the EU's increasingly extreme Statism.

England in particular has a culture of "eccentricity" which expresses an appetite (albeit limited) for freedom. Sadly mainland European cultures seem to lack this, being attuned more to conformity and regimentation.

Incidentally, Winston Churchill is often cited as an early advocate of European Unity, but the "United States of Europe" he envisaged was (probably) to exclude the U.K. and (certainly) not to superseded national currencies, so hardly the EU as it now is.

Develop Christian culture.

For instance, Christian music does not mean setting Christian words to music, it means developing musical forms which accord with the nature of music, undistorted by the one-sided emphases that wrongdoers' compositions always display.

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