Christian Relaunch

Some Old(ish) Prophecies

Here are some written prophecies I directed towards groups who had not yet clarified their stance.

They focus on Otherworldalism. In those days I was not yet aware of Feminism and Authoritarianism, that also face us (and faced us then).

They contain some details that I now regard as misguided, but I still approve their general thrust.

The first adopts the style of Revelation 2-3 to show that the prophet brings the same kind of message now as then.

The second is more prosaic.

1 (1984)

If Christ were now to dictate a letter to the people of <name of group>, it would be something like this:

To the angel of the church in [name of district] write: the words of the ruler of kings on earth, whose realm has no bounds:

I know your works. You do many good deeds. But I have this against you, that in many areas of activity you do not cooperate.

I am the Lord of everything people do, whether science or communication or socialising or industry or art or politics or anything else, for all these are good in themselves, and it is my Father's will that in my body on earth they should all be healed of their disorders.

Just as you must serve me as one body in worship, so you must serve me as one body in all these things; only so can you fulfil my commandment to love one another as I have loved you. For I laid down my life, not only that you might worship in unity, but also that you might live in unity.

While you neglect these things your worship provokes instead of pleasing me.

Repent then, and prove to be my disciples. If you refuse to heed this warning, you will show that your worship is empty and your faith futile; I will turn my face from you and you will no longer be my people.

He who conquers will share in the healing of all things. Anyone with an ear, let them hear what the Spirit says to the congregation.

2 (1994)

God tells us in the Bible that Christ died to save people from the penalty and power of disobedience to God, and that the only way for us to be accepted by God is to trust Christ to lead us into co-operation in God's service in everything we do. That is the Gospel.

Changing "everything we do" to "some of the things we do" changes the Gospel into a non-gospel. This non-gospel is often heard in <name of group>, while the Gospel is not heard there.

I wrote recently pointing out some of the ill-effects of this non-gospel. You do not seem to have taken this very seriously. I am therefore writing to you personally, to do all I can to help you understand how important this matter is.

We all make mistakes, and it may be that your faith in Christ is genuine and that you have merely been misled into confusing the non-gospel with the Gospel. But now the situation has been explained to you, and you have a clear choice.

If you trust Christ to lead you into co-operation in God's service in everything you do, God will accept you, now and for ever. If you do not, God will reject you, now and for ever.

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