Christian Relaunch


Judaicism is the belief that a human's realignment requires Mosaic circumcision.

"Unless you are circumcised as required by Moses, you cannot be saved."

Some "men from Judea", c.50 CE, reported in Acts 15:1.

Gentilism is the belief that a human's realignment has no need of circumcision.

"Circumcision counts for nothing."

Galatians 6:15, c.50 CE.

Judaicism is not to be confused with Judaism, though it is a Christianoid form of certain beliefs of the latter.

Paul had addressed the matter even earlier, in Galatians (c.50 CE), but his later formulation seems more suitable for present purposes.

It is more usual to class Judaicism as Bonhominal rather tham Magical. Its proponents were indeed also Bonhominists, presumably resembling the Pharisees whose self-congratulation Christ castigated; hence Paul's famous warnings about "works of the law". But the direct content of their heresy, as mentioned in the Acts passage, concerns a ceremony.

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