Christian Relaunch

So you think life is better when women obey men?

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Many men and women agree with this, more than would admit it. Although it occasionally takes bizarre forms, at root it is natural. Just as women are generally more sensitive and responsive, men are generally stronger and more assertive. They have the power and instinct to dominate women -- and to protect them. This is not about to change, and it is a clue for understanding our humanity. We are more than beasts, but not less.

For most of history, it was accepted that a man is lord of his family. The idea of equal power is an aberration, and nature cannot be violated for ever -- a civilisation based on such ideas must eventually collapse.

The principle of equal power detaches us from nature and undermines the difference between the sexes that sustains and enriches not only "sex life" but life as a whole. We are male and female, with different tasks within our one grand shared Task.

This site sees men and women as having different natures and correspondingly different tasks, both equally important parts of God's creative purpose.

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To "MDfs" players. The gangsters known as "the State", zealous in their emasculating interference in family life, force the principle of female consent on us. But far from resenting this encroachment, the recreational "Male Dom fem sub" culture seems positively to celebrate it, reminding us that even in its more far-reaching forms it is ultimately only a game, to end at the whim of the sub, who can at any time stop playing. This is not "power transfer", it is delegation, and players who heighten it by obsessive bindings and beatings ("fetish" activities, whether practised personally or viewed vicariously) illustrate what an inadequate substitute it is for a reality whose absence they feel intensely but recognise only dimly.

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