Christian Relaunch

So you think something is wrong with the world?

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Why should I care about this?

The question What is wrong? is part of the question How should we live?

We all face this question, even if we try to ignore it.

What is wrong with the world?

It is easy to call a few people evil, such as criminals or rulers. But are the rest of us good?

We have all done wrong at one time or another, and with different influences, or in different circumstances, might have acted as badly as those villains.

The problem is not they, it is we.

Why did it go wrong, and what can I do?

The only realistic answer is the one given in the Bible. We have defected from our maker, but he has come among us in the person of Jesus Christ, and whoever trusts him is back on the right track.

You don't expect me to take this seriously?

Many folk scoff at Christianity, but few understand it.

For instance, you may have noticed that most so-called Christianity is just a leisure activity, but you probably did not know that real Christianity is relevant to the whole of life.

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