Christian Relaunch

The Christian Relaunch Hymnal

On the rationale of this collection, see Notes on the Hymnal.

In the table:

Thm indicates the hymn's theme. (See Themes of the Hymnal.)

Year usually refers to first known publication, but sometimes to composition. Some are approximations.

Mod indicates whether the version I use has been modified compared with the author's original. (See Hymn Versions.)

Comments clarifies the identity and source of the hymn.

"Based on" means that the hymn mainly consists of a translation of a single foreign-language text.

Many of these hymns contain phrases from the Bible, sometimes several of them. I have not tried to list these.

Title Thm Author Year Mod Comments
A safe stronghold our god is still3aThomas Carlyle1831YesBased on Martin Luther, Ein feste Burg (1529).
Abide with me2bHenry Lyte1847Yes.
All creatures of our god and king1aWilliam Draper1919NoBased on Francis of Assisi, Cantico di fratre sole (c.1225).
All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name2aEdward Perronet1780Yes.
All people that on Earth do dwell1bWilliam Kethe1561YesBased on Psalm 100.
All the way my saviour leads me2bFanny Crosby1875Yes.
Angels from the realms of glory2aJames Montgomery1816Yes.
As pants the hart for cooling1bNahum Tate1696NoBased on Psalm 42. Written with Nicholas Brady, but probably mainly Tate's.
As with gladness men of old2bWilliam Dix1860Yes.
At the name of Jesus2aCaroline Noel1870No.
Be thou my vision1bEleanor Hull1912NoBased on Bi Thusa mo Shuile (old Irish, authorship doubtful).
Christians awake2aJohn Byrom1745Yes.
Come ye thankful people come3bHenry Alford1844Yes.
Ekklesia's one foundation3aSamuel Stone1866YesOriginally "The church's one foundation".
For all the saints3aWilliam How1864YesOriginally "For all thy saints".
Glorious things of thee are spoken3bJohn Newton1779Yes.
God is working His purpose out3aArthur Ainger1894NoTo try to iron out the metrical aberrations would be crass.
Great is Thy faithfulness1bThomas Chisholm1923No.
Guide me O thou great Jehovah1bPeter Williams1771YesBased on William Williams Pantycelyn, Arglwydd, arwain trwy'r anialwch (1762).
Hail to Yahwehs anointed3bJames Montgomery1821NoOriginally "Hail to the lord's anointed". Based on Psalm 72.
Hark how all the welkin rings2aCharles Wesley1739Yes"Hark the herald angels sing" is a misguided adaptation.
I cannot tell why he3bWilliam Fullerton1929Yes.
Immortal, invisible, God only wise1aWalter Smith1867No.
In heav'nly love abiding1bAnna Waring1850No.
It passeth knowledge2bMary Shekleton1863Yes.
Lead, kindly light1bJohn Henry Newman1833Yes.
Let us with a gladsome mind1aJohn Milton1623YesBased ultimately on Psalm 136, maybe via Francis of Assisi, Cantico di fratre sole ("Song of Brother Sun")(c.1225).
Lo! he comes with clouds3bMartin Madan1760Yes.
Mine eyes have seen the glory3aJulia Ward Howe1862Yes.
Now thank we all our god1aCatherine Winkworth1856NoBased on Martin Rinkart, Nun danket alle Gott (1636).
O little town of Bethlehem2aPhillips Brooks1867Yes.
O love that wilt not let me go2bGeorge Matheson1882Yes.
Oh for a thousand tongues2bCharles Wesley1740YesOriginally "Glory to God, and praise and love".
Onward, Christian soldiers3aSabine Baring-Gould1865Yes.
Praise him, praise him2aFanny Crosby1869Yes.
Praise, my soul, the king1bHenry Lyte1834NoBased on Psalm 103.
Praise to the lord, the almighty1bCatherine Winkworth1863YesBased on Joachim Neander, Lobe den Herren, den machtigen (1680).
Tell me the old, old story2aKatherine Hankey1866NoThese four verses are from a poem, the rest of which is less striking.
The god of Abram praise3bThomas Olivers1772YesOriginally "The god of Abraham praise".
The law of Yahweh is perfect1b[Anon]0000NoFrom Psalm 19. We have tinkered slightly with the translation, for metrical convenience.
The lord's my shepherd1b(anon)1650 NoBased on Psalm 23, but see "Versions" page.
The sands of time are sinking3bAnne Cousin1857Yes 
The saviour has come in his2bLelia Morris1919No.
The whole world lies in evil3bJohn Mason Neale1851YesOriginally "The world is very evil". Based on Bernard of Cluny, De Contemptu Mundi (c.1120). Previous selections include Jerusalem the golden.
Thou whose almighty word3aJohn Marriott1813NoOriginally maybe "Thou whose eternal word".
Through all the changing scenes1bNahum Tate1696YesWritten with Nicholas Brady, but probably mainly Tate's. Based on Psalm 34.
Through the love of God3aMary Peters1847No.
Thy hand, O God, hath guided3aEdward Plumptre1889YesUsually given as "... has guided".
Twas about two thousand years2aRichard Bewes1966YesOriginally "It was just two thousand years". Written with an "A. Boddington", but "copyright" is attributed to Bewes alone.
We plough the fields and scatter1aJane Campbell1861NoBased on parts of Matthias Claudius, Wir pflugen und wir streuen (1782).
We rest on thee3aEdith Cherry1895No.
When we walk with the lord2bJohn Sammis1887No.
Who is he in yonder stall2aBenjamin Hanby1856YesPublished 1866.
Who would true valour see1bJohn Bunyan1684No"He who would valiant be" is a misguided "modernisation".

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