Christian Relaunch

Christianoid Feminism

Feminism is the belief that men are not entitled to rule women.

These heresies tend to affirm equality rather than female priority, but "Egalitarianism" is too generic and "Sexual Egalitarianism" too unwieldy, while "Feminism" is familiar and widely used in roughly this sense.

Androcratism is the belief that men are entitled to rule women.

Feminism (including Christianoid Feminism) is based on the prevailing thinking of modern (abstract) Humanism according to which humanity is entitled to do and be anything it wants. Thus it dilutes (and in extreme cases denies outright) the asymmetry of the sexes. This detracts from an awareness of the asymmetric union of sexes which is not just one component, but a pervasive characteristic, of our basic task to develop the world.

Heresy Heretical Belief Reformation Reformational Belief
Psephogynism Women should not be subjected to men. Enantiopsephogynism Women should be subjected to men.
In all important matters the sexes are interchangeable. Complementarianism The sexes are complementary.

Every Epicenalist is also a Psephogynist, but not vice-versa. Psephogynism's Feminism is moderate, opposing the forcible subjection of women but allowing them to subject themselves voluntarily. Epicenalism, which denies the asymmetry of the sexes outright, could be regarded as an extreme form of Psephogynism, but its manifestation has had such distinctive characteristics that I treat it as a separate heresy.

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