Christian Relaunch

None of the Above

If you arrived here by the usual route, you probably see yourself as not a Christian.

But you have probably been misled about what Christianity is.

This site upholds real Christianity.

We do uphold the familiar belief that Jesus Christ is the world's only saviour, but real Christianity means far more than that.

Most of those who claim to believe in Christ have ideas of Christianity that are far from the reality. Their "Christianity" is little more than a leisure pursuit, affecting only what they call "spiritual" matters, irrelevant to everyday life, while the few who take the matter more seriously usually end up in barren  authoritarian cults.

Real Christianity, the attitude of Christ's first followers, is more radical, far-reaching and practical than anything you are likely to have come across before. Real Christians pursue fulfillment through cultivating the world's resources, separate but not isolated from the rest of the population, seeking unity in every kind of activity, but freely, with no overarching "leadership".

If you think you would believe in Christ "if the evidence were strong enough", the Method of Reasoning page (via the "Main Page" link below) may help you, and there are further arguments throughout Part 1 of the site, which presents and defends a Creed for Real Christianity. (Part 2 explores various related topics.)

Please explore the site and tell us what you think.

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