Christian Relaunch

So you think all spirituality is basically the same?

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How do you react if someone mentions Christianity?

Here are some common reactions.

"If you are Christian then you are spiritual, and I am spiritual too, so basically we agree and the rest is just details, not worth worrying about."

"If you are Christian then you are spiritual, and I am not interested in spirituality, so I can safely ignore your message."

To see the flaw in those statements, ask yourself what they mean by "spiritual".

The word seems able to mean almost anything you want it to, but it seems to have four main variants.

1. "good" (by the speaker's standards)

2. "self-aware"

3. "seeking detachment from the world"

4. "using the word God"

The first variant is silly and the second is trivial, and we trust no reader of this page will fall for them.

The third variant deserves attention, and it is true that seekers of detachment have much in common, but if that is what "spiritual" means then this site rejects spirituality. Instead we promote what we call real Christianity. Far from seeking detachment from the world, real Christians believe that the path to fulfillment involves carrying out our grand task as humans which is to cultivate the world's resources.

That leaves the fourth variant. This site certainly uses the G-word, but that fact tells you very little about our beliefs, for almost any belief can be expressed using that word, including some you may at first find strange. To understand such beliefs you need to pay careful attention.

Please explore the site and tell us what you think.

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