Christian Relaunch

About this Site

This site aims to promote real Christianity and to help coordinate those who live it.

More precisely, it is a vehicle to promote the Christian Relaunch discourse and to help coordinate its participants.

Christian Relaunch is a discourse expressing real Christianity. As far as I know, it is the only such discourse in recent times, which is why I call it a "relaunch".

In the site, any belief attributed to "us" (or to "this site") is part of the site's basic stance as expressed in its Creed, and we assume that all real Christians will accept it when it is explained to them. On the other hand, a belief attributed to "me" is just the author's personal opinion.

At present there is no formal "membership" or "registration".

The site's founder is Vid Auty. At present I (Vid) am also its editor and sole author, but often state views which "we" or "this site" hold; this is so that the content need not change when others join me, as I hope they soon will. Think of it as an "editorial we".

The word "Christian" originally denoted the attitude expressed in the New Testament, and this site still uses it in that sense. Christianoidity is the discourse and social movement that arose as an expression of that attitude. The movement spread worldwide and still claims to be Christian, but it now mainly expresses other attitudes, which this site calls "false Christianity". Most of what passes as "Christian" is false in that sense, being Christianoid but not Christian.

An oid is something that resembles something.

If it really is what it seems, we call it real, otherwise we call it false.

In some cases, only false cases are called "oid". For instance, an android (Greek andreios "manly") is not a real man and an asteroid (Greek aster) is not a real star.

But in other cases, real and false specimens are both called "oid". For instance, an anthropoid (Greek anthropos "human") may be either human or chimp, and you should probably clarify the matter before inviting him for tea. Likewise, if this site calls anyone a Christianoid we are not declaring them to be a false Christian, only reserving judgment.

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